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I'm an Engineer, who is exploring Principle.



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  Hey,I'm Cheson,an Atypical Software Engineer.
  I am living in Shanghai now and have been an Android SoftWare Engineer in HQ until now after graduating from school. I'm mainly responsible for Android system request development and problem analysis.
  I spend my spare time developing personal hobbies including guitar, sketching and electric piano. What's more I also like sports very much. I used to play basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and roller-skating. While with the environment changing and age increasing I mainly play badminton and enjoy outdoor sports like hiking and climbing. And Recenly I have started with skateboards.
  Nowadays, I'm interested in Cosmic Physics and most of the books read recent days are Space Science Fictions.
  I use to like pop music which makes me comfortable or excited. While after learning guitar I also falled in love with ballad music. The simple melody and rustic lyric always strike my soul.